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Fueling Passion

Adventure | Unseen Moments | Authenticity | Emotion

Well hello there!! I am Jenessa and I love creating! I love seeing the world differently and bringing life to the simple moments in life we tend to look past. I also love my kiddos, my pups, and my family and friends! Some of my other passions are traveling (send me a plane ticket!!!), exploring (new places, people, and languages), meeting new people, learning, and trying new things! I love that natural high that life gives you when you know you are doing something great, whether it's climbing up a rock hill to jump off a waterfall, watching two people fall in love all over again on their wedding day, or capturing the love a family shares as they dance around in the pasture! This is the energy I live for and I can't wait to continue capturing these moments and improving in this videography gig.  I want to capture what makes you unique and special and find your inner story. Maybe that story is in the chaos...or the beauty... or maybe in the

beauty within the chaos.

Heck- that is what I run on! ...Well, that and caffeine and prayers :) 

How did I get started? Well...while traveling actually! I love how videos help bring your memories to life and are something that can restore that natural life high! I started creating videos of my travels so I could remember moments I would otherwise forget. I also enjoy capturing my family (like I mentioned above- the beauty within the chaos) so I can always remember them while they are growing. Then, I attempted a few friend's weddings...and by word of mouth my name kept spreading to people I didn't know! So here I am now...making it a bit more official! That way I am not just known as "that one girl I saw on Facebook" that you have to private message to get ahold of. (Which you totally can still do!) But now hopefully people can get to know a bit about me and my work before reaching out even further :)

My  Beauty within the Chaos

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