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Experiences + Investments

Our lives are full of stories! Let's capture them on video!

Wedding Films

Starting at $2000
length depends on package chosen

Getting married? How exciting! I would love to talk more about your wedding day plans and expectations! I have various packages available but am always open to customize to help make it your own! I look forward to hearing from you so we can chat more about making your special day even more special! This is a day you will never forget and capturing it through video will only enhance those memories!

Maternity Films

Starting at $200
2-5 minute highlight video

1-2 hour session. 
Growing a family is beautiful and even though we don't always feel like we are glowing while pregnant, it is something we look back on fondly. The short time one carries their babies inside them can be forever treasured through video.
Includes 20-30 still frame shots.

Newborn Sessions

Starting at $200
2-5 minute video AND/OR
10-15 minute documentary style film with interview/letters/dialogue options

1-2 hour session.

 This is a great add on to the maternity video OR amazing by itself. We want to capture and remember those raw moments new parents share with their new baby. This can be done in the hospital or in your home. There are so many possibilities with this kind of film the thought of them gives me the chills!

Includes 20-30 still frame shots.

May we always look back and remember with a smile.

Family Sessions

Starting at $200
2-5 minute video

1-2 hour session

Our families grow fast! Let's capture them before we forget the simple moments. I love creating videos of families in their element and in natural form. I also love a good outdoor video session exploring with each other! Creating a film that encompasses your families story is my goal! Let's bring it to life!

Includes 20-30 still frame shots.

Birthdays and Anniversary Parties

Starting at $150
Video length varies
*Can include documentary style and highlight film

1-3 hour session
Have a party coming up? Parties are busy, and we rarely have time to enjoy them ourselves. Creating a video of the party will be sure to help everyone remember the special moments that took place. From your child's first birthday, to your parent's 50th anniversary...and everything in between! Audio (interviews etc.) are optional. Let's chat to hear your ideas!


Inquire for customized quote

This could be anything really...
Your towns centennial, a yearly town event, fishing derbies, a family reunion or special family event (cattle branding, sausage making, etc.) All ideas are GREAT ideas!
These can be used as promotional videos to share with the public, or for your own memorial use. The possibilities are endless! Let's chat more to hear your ideas!

Gender Reveals

Starting at $100

1 hour session
Gender reveals are getting to be pretty popular! Why not make it an event you can relive over again and see the joy and excitement on your guests faces again and again! Your guests will find out immediately but you could use this as a social media gender reveal announcement too! Turn around times can be quick if needed :)
10 still frame images included

Engagement and Save the Date

Starting at $200

1-2 hour session

Announce your wedding date through video! Or just enjoy a fun video of you and the love of your life as I capture you guys in your element. This could be paired with a photography session with the photographer of your choosing or we could have the time of our lives all by ourselves! Can include the story of how you met, interviews or whatever you want to make your YOURS!

20-30 still frame images included

Have Another Idea?

Let's hear it!

I am all about trying something new! Let's work together to create something YOU love!

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